Fashion Production II

The Fashion Design Production II program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare the student to enter the workforce as a self-employed garment maker, a machinist, or garment industry occupations involving altering, pressing, and pattern making. Admission into the diploma program requires that the student successfully completes the certificate program. The skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be acquired by students are found in the course syllabi. The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Diploma is awarded in Fashion Design Production II for successful completion of the program.


Required Courses Credits

FDP 2200 Garment Draping 3
FDP 2201 Garment Accessories and Display 3
MAT 2100 Business Math

(Pre-requisite MAT1100)

FDP 2203 Bridal and Ball Gown Making 4
FDP 2204 Tuxedo Making 4
FDP 2205 Fashion Consultancy 1
FDP 2288 Practicum

(Pre-requisite all above courses)

Total Credit Hours Required for Completion 73