The Plumbing programme prepares students in a career in plumbing and pipe fitting.  The programme coursework provides technical understanding of Plumbing Technology and skills development, integrates theory and practical experience.  Through the Plumbing programme, the students develops skills in water systems, piping procedures, residential and commercial system installations, blueprint reading and sketching and heating systems installations. 


Required Courses                                                                                                                                               Credits

SLS       3 Student Success  1
PLM     1100 Plumbing I 4
ENG     100 English 1
MAT     100 Math 1
CON      1100 Blueprint Reading 2
MAS     1101 Plumbing II 4
    (Pre-requisite PLM 1100)                          
CTD      1100 Trade Career Path Introduction 3
MAT     1100 Applied Math 3
ENG      1100 English I 3
CON      1101 Trade Estimating 3
    (Pre-requisite CON 1100)              
GCM     1100 Entrepreneurial Work Force Preparation 2
CAR      1299 Co-op Work Experience/Internship 4
    (Pre-requisite all above courses)    
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion                                                    31