Electronics & Cable Installation

This Certificate Course prepares the student to enter the electronic field as a technician. Upon completion, along with subsequent specialized training, the student would be expected to be able to work under supervision to assist in the installation, operation and maintenance of specialized electronic equipment, computer networks and electronic systems. The course is intended for students wishing to pursue a career in the following areas: outside plant cable linesman/technician; cable television technician; telecommunication technician; structured cable installation technician; information technology support technician. This course is designed for a student to complete with a minimum of three semester cycles.


Required Courses Credits

SLS 0003 Student Success 1
SLS 0006 Service Learning 1
MAT 0100 Math 3
CIT 1000 I.T Fundamentals (CompTIA I.T Fundamentals 3
ENG 0100 English 3
ECI 1101 Electronic Assembly & Cabling with Lab 4
ECI 1100 Electronic Devices & Circuits with Lab 4
MAT 1100 Math I 3
CIT 1201 Networking Essentials 3
EEI 2100 AC/DC Circuits with Lab 4
ENG 1100 English I 3
EEI 1201 Digital Fundamentals with Lab 4
ELI 1100 Electrical I 4
EEI 2102 Electronic Communications Systems I 4
ECI 1299 Cooperative Educational Experience / Internship (Pre-requisite all above courses) 4
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion 48