The Carpentry programme prepares students with skills and knowledge for a career in carpentry.  Technical and general courses provide the students with theory and hands-on learning experiences.  General areas of study includes building coding, blueprint reading, estimating, site layout, concrete framing, interior and exterior finish, cabinet construction and installation and decks. 


Required Courses                                                                                                                                               Credits

SLS       3 Student Success 1
CAR      1100 Carpentry I 4
ENG      100 English 1
MAT     100 Math 1
CON      1100 Blueprint Reading 2
CAR      1101 Carpentry II 4
    Pre-requisite CAR 1100)              
CTD      1100 Trade Career Path Introduction 3
MAT     1100 Applied Math 3
ENG      1100 English I 3
CON     1101 Trade Estimating 3
    (Pre-requisite CON 1100)              
GCM     1100 Entrepreneurial Work Force Preparation 2
CAR      1299 Co-op Work Experience/Internship 4
    (Pre-requisite all above courses)    
Total Credit Hours Required for Completion                                       31